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We offer support to couples who are struggling to keep their marriage alive. We help in restructuring the foundation of a beautiful marriage.



Spiritual Healer of Marriage

  • Are you looking for inner peace and joy that seems to have vanished?
  • Are you unable to resolve differences and worsen the situation?
  • Are your conversations becoming negative all the time?
  • Do you feel you are not appreciated for the efforts you make?
  • Is it difficult for you to see your future with your spouse?



To empower families with healthy relationship skills. Starting with Father and Mother with a belief it will be a trickling down effect to the children.  An effort to produce a stronger home life and make for good educational choices with an overall greater family dynamic.

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Self-Paced Packages

Couples look for marriage consultants to strengthen their relationship and gain a better understanding of themselves and each other. Marriage consulting can help couples achieve a deeper understanding of and shrink down the differences. Thus, at 2 As 1 Forever, I ensure that every couple has been heard and guided to the right path with the help of God’s Word. I help people connect with the Lord and embrace His teachings to live a peaceful and heal-thy married life.

Embrace Life Changes

‘Embracing life changes’ is a fresh start. With which you start with feeling better about yourself and explore yourself more to ensure that you will make the transition to change positively. Being a better version of yourself directly helps you drive a better marriage life. With this starter kit, we provide the necessary guidelines from the Word of God , which empowers you to self-heal spiritually.

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A Better You On Purpose

The self-paced spiritual healing package is one of the most demanded and liked package among my clients. It introduces you to the keys to a happier and healthier life. Moreover, my job is to provide you with vital tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle with the help of God’s words. Once you gain command on his teaching, you embrace the guidance for a lifetime, and no one can take that back from you.

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2as1forever Consultants

  • We help you rebuild your broken trust in the marriage.
  • We help you to reconnect with your partner naturally.
  • We help you to change for your spouse and your spouse to change for you if needed.
  • We help to get over the negative memories of the past and start a new healthy and happy life.
  • We help to bring you both at a point where you leave the idea of divorce and start working on your relationship happily.
  • We help you avoid separation situations and help you strengthen your family bonding.



I believe that being rejoined with my husband after our divorce, I have got my chance to work on things that caused divorce in the first place. Now, it’s a payback time by guiding young couples undergoing the same situation. As a marriage consultant, I help my clients find themselves by becoming aware of their needs, feelings and choices. With my spiritual mentoring, I help them achieve their goals by guiding them to the right path and together build a happy relationship with their partners. This requires better communication skills, time management skills and patience.

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